Ratha Yatra


The festival of chanting “Hare Krishna” mahamantra.

The celebration was launched back in 1996 by ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission, as one of many ways to celebrate ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s Centennial, or the 100th year since his birth.

Back then, it was just World Holy Name Day, and was held annually on September 26th, to commemorate the day in 1965 when Srila Prabhupada arrived in the USA, bringing with him the chanting of the Holy Names of Krishna.

Finally, in 2008, feeling that one day wasn’t enough to glorify the Holy Names of God, they lengthened it to World Holy Name Week, and it has been held for one week annually ever since.

While its scheduling changes every year according to the lunar calendar,each World Holy Name Week is always packed with special days related to the Holy Name. World holy name festival is celebrated from 28th Sept to 2nd Oct all over the world by ISKCON Temples. This holy name will not only bring global peace and harmony, but whoever takes part will experience greatest joy and happiness in their lives. ISKCON Bhubaneswar has arranged Harinam Sankirtans in different parts of Odisha and many enthusiastic propagators of the Holy Name come to take part in as many sankirtans as possible.