Ratha Yatra

About Ratha Yatra

Ratha Yatra, also known as the Festival of Chariots, is one of the most significant and joyous festivals celebrated at ISKCON Bhubaneswar. This grand festival involves the procession of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, and Subhadra Devi on beautifully decorated chariots. Devotees pull the chariots with great enthusiasm, chanting and dancing along the way.

The festival has its roots in ancient traditions and holds immense spiritual significance. It is believed that during Ratha Yatra, Lord Jagannath comes out of His temple to give darshan to all devotees, including those who cannot visit the temple. This act of the Lord is seen as His immense compassion and mercy.


Ratha Yatra symbolizes the journey of the soul towards self-realization and the divine. The chariots represent the body, and the deities signify the soul. Pulling the chariots signifies guiding one's life towards spiritual goals, with the chanting and dancing representing the joy of spiritual awakening.

The festival encourages devotees to come together, regardless of caste, creed, or religion, and celebrate the universal love and compassion of Lord Jagannath. It is a time for community bonding, spiritual growth, and collective joy.


The celebrations of Ratha Yatra at ISKCON Bhubaneswar are marked by grandeur and devotion. The deities are decorated with flowers, ornaments, and traditional attire. The chariots are beautifully crafted and adorned with vibrant decorations. Devotees gather in large numbers to pull the chariots, sing kirtans, and dance in ecstasy.

Various cultural programs, including bhajans, dramas, and discourses, are organized throughout the day. Special prasadam is prepared and distributed to all participants. The entire atmosphere is charged with devotion, joy, and spiritual energy.

Ratha Yatra Celebration