prabhura ajnay, bhai, magi ei bhiksa

bolo `krsna,’ bhajo krsna, koro krsna-siksa

Sriman Mahaprabhu ordered “Go to every doorstep and approach everyone. Beg only one alm. Please chant the name of Krsna. Please accept Sri Krishna as your Lord, your husband, your father and mother, your friend, your guardian, and your only worshipable Lord.” We all have loving and permanent relationship with Him. Material relationship is temporary.

ISKCON, Bhubaneswar is organizing house programs for spreading of Krishna Consciousness to the masses. Normally these programs are being organized in the houses of our congregation devotees and others.

We undertake house programmes such as bhajana, kirtana and Hari katha on the holy occasions of Birthday celebration, Anniversary observation, Namakarana, Annaprasanna, Nirbandha, Marriage anniversary, Gita patha and Sankirtana yajna etc. for happy, prosperous and spiritual family life.

Nagar Kirtana, Bhajana, Srimad Bhagavatam Katha discourses and Prasad distribution are being organized in these programs.

Any person desirous of holding such programs is requested to contact one month in advance.

For organizing programmes please contact the following:

1. H.G. Satvatapati Dasa

Mob. No.: 09437887374, 09853121636